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Next generation tools to help hardware teams design products faster and with more confidence

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Cloud PDM

Manage complex CAD data through check out and check in processes, version control, and cloud storage

Cloud PLM

Track product information through lifecycle states, data cards, bill-of-materials, and change orders
Cloud PDM

Never overwrite another design

Manage edit access to designs through a robust check out and check in process that delivers transparency across teams

Create versions

Capture engineering versions and understand design changes with check ins and commit messages

Rollback anytime

Easily recover previous engineering versions without losing any updates
Cloud PLM

Track product information closely

Transform ideas into products faster with efficient change management workflows
Approval and release processes for ECOs
BOM management for complex assemblies
Share information with suppliers seamlessly
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Mechanical Engineers

Securely manage and revision your CAD data through Bild's PDM. Access files anywhere, anytime - even without internet access.

Product Managers

Track change orders, request reviewers to approve changes, and assign tasks to engineers through modern change management workflows.

Supply Chain Managers

Share data with suppliers, receive DFM, manage alternate vendors, create BOMs, and review the latest designs - all through one portal.


Get a holistic view on product changes, part costs, and work in progress. View and review designs directly on your browser.
Supported Formats

Built for multi-CAD organizations

Manage data and information across multiple CAD systems under one unified platform - with support for Word, PPT, Excel and more!
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