Collaborate with engineers and Vendors in real-time

Bild is the 1st design management tool built specifically for hardware companies. Get shorter development cycles and avoid costly design mistakes with better team collaboration and manufacturer communication.

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About Bild Send and receive design feedback in real-time

Sending screenshots and annotations over email, to communicate design changes, lead to long feedback cycles and cause miscommunication. Bild enables synchronous collaboration across engineering teams and with external partners through a central cloud-based solution.


Current Feedback Cyles

Email communication, Excel based issue lists, and screenshots cause ineffeciencies in closing out design feedback from manufacturers.


Time Reduction With Bild

Real-time and issue specific collaboration, interactive design feedback, and version control speeds up review cycles and gets you to production faster.

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Features Everything to Get Faster Design Feedback Cycles

Industry tailored solutions to enable the most effecient external communication for engineering teams and product managers

Industry Agnostic PDFs, Gerbers, CAD, DXF, ODB++, and Much More.

Infinitely versatile. Leverage Bild for communication across your entire organization. Mechanical, electrical, or packaging domain. Standardize manufacturer communications across cross-functional teams.

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Security Securely Deploy Your Designs

Leverage Bild's secure file management tool or request a custom integration into your current infrastructure. Leveraging the security of the AWS cloud platform, we put security as our highest priority.

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Real-Time 0 Delay = Faster Feedback

Stop waiting for other engineers or manufacturers to finish reviewing designs to get design feedback. Get notified as soon as the first feedback item is listed to start iterating earlier in the process.

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Interactive Work Within Your Design

Using screenshots to convey feedback locations causes miscommunication and slows down development. View your design feedback on our file viewer to understand feedback locations, design dependencies, and implications on changes. Design feedback and communication sit on a seperate layer, so your design files are never changed.

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