Version Control

The easiest way to track design changes

Manage engineering versions and released revisions with Bild's cloud PDM system

Recover old designs

Rollback to a previous reversion of a design easily, without overwriting or removing historic changes

Understand design changes

Supplement design changes with commit messages to clearly and briefly communicate updates

See the difference

Render and view older designs quickly with project caching for the fastest design decisions
How it works

An intuitive, fast, and scalable versioning solution

Check out a design

You want to start making edits to an assembly or part, you check out the design to get edit access.

Make design changes

Make your design changes in your CAD system. Bild keeps track of which designs have changed and are ready to be pushed.

Check in your changes

Check in your changes so other team members can review the latest updates. With every check in, add optional commit messages to provide context on the design change.

A new version is created

Bild automatically creates a new auto-incremented version with every check in. Everyone will automatically get notified that a new version is available.

Recover a previous version or repeat

Don't like your changes? Easily recover a previous version without losing any historic data.
Love your updates? Keep building with confidence!
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Capture major releases

Separate production designs from engineering by tracking engineering updates with versioning and final releases with a revision.


Versions are captured with every check in. This helps keep a robust log of engineering changes.


Revisions are captured with each release process. Revisions are final designs intended for production.
Check out and check in

Vault based file ownership to prevent overwrites

A simple, yet powerful, tool to prevent designers from overwriting design changes and losing days of work.

Security at the heart of it

Vendor access controls

Securely share your designs with vendors for them to view, download, upload designs.

SSO & on-prem

Ensure your account is safe with custom integrations to your enterprise's infrastructure.

Daily encrypted backups

Worried about an accidental deletion of design files? Keep an encrypted backup on the cloud.

Role based access controls

Enable different user permissions and visibility for members across your organization.

Multi-factor authentication

Require your team and vendors to go through a two-step method for authentication.

256-bit encryption

Design files, feedback, comments, approvals. Encrypted in-transit and at rest, so no data can be leaked.