Robotics and Industry 4.0

Manage complex data all the way to the factory floor with a single-source-of-truth

Robotics companies leverage Bild to bridge the gap between design, engineering, and manufacturing. Make information more accessible and interoperable with Bild.

Cutting-edge features for advanced workflows


Automatic STEP files

Engage and share designs with manufacturing teams with a click of button. Automatically generate STEP files.

DFM feedback

Receive, store, and manage DFM feedback next to your CAD data. Centralize data management.

Accessible design reviews

View and review complex designs in seconds through Bild's native CAD web-viewer

Security at the heart of it

Vendor access controls

Securely share your designs with vendors for them to view, download, upload designs.

SSO & on-prem

Ensure your account is safe with custom integrations to your enterprise's infrastructure.

Daily encrypted backups

Worried about an accidental deletion of design files? Keep an encrypted backup on the cloud.

Role based access controls

Enable different user permissions and visibility for members across your organization.

Multi-factor authentication

Require your team and vendors to go through a two-step method for authentication.

256-bit encryption

Design files, feedback, comments, approvals. Encrypted in-transit and at rest, so no data can be leaked.

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