Manage Parallel Design Efforts with Branch and Merge Workflows

Run Design of Experiments (DOEs) and Merge Design Changes Seamlessly

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Create branches

Branch out of any existing branch and make changes without affecting other teammates' works

Merge changes

Merge all or select specific design changes across branches - giving you complete flexibility

View previous commits

Capture project level commits each time a change is made - easily view or rollback to a previous commit
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How it works

The fastest way to manage DOEs and parallel design changes

Your team wants to investigate a potential design change

The fastest and most agile teams parallel path design efforts to make decisions faster.

Create a branch and make edits without impacting the broader system

Confidently make changes in a controlled environment. Don't worry - changes here won't impact other system dependencies or impact other teams' analysis efforts.

Data collect, approve, and release your DOE

Collect data in builds or through simulation software. When you're ready to release, run an ECOĀ process and release your DOE.

Merge your release to become the POR

Merge your design changes back into the main branch to be flagged as the POR design. Cross-functional teams are informed and everyone has the latest design changes.

Repeat, innovate, and launch your product

Repeat the process across as many designs and branches as you want. Launch products faster and with more confidence.

Understand design changes across branches

Quickly view the differences across branches and easily merge specific changes back into another branch.

Run parallel design of experiments with true traceability

With branches, engineers can make changes to assemblies or parts without impacting stable designs. History is captured across all branches and when designs are merged back into your main branch.

Capture, view, and revert commits

Complete design traceability with project level commits. Automatically capture a commit with any design, metadata, or file level change. With unique commit identifiers, traceability and compliance are never an issue.

Security at the heart of it

Vendor access controls

Securely share your designs with vendors for them to view, download, upload designs.

SSO & on-prem

Ensure your account is safe with custom integrations to your enterprise's infrastructure.

Daily encrypted backups

Worried about an accidental deletion of design files? Keep an encrypted backup on the cloud.

Role based access controls

Enable different user permissions and visibility for members across your organization.

Multi-factor authentication

Require your team and vendors to go through a two-step method for authentication.

256-bit encryption

Design files, feedback, comments, approvals. Encrypted in-transit and at rest, so no data can be leaked.

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