Ross Robotics: Attaining a Robust Version Controlled Process

Case Study
November 8, 2023

Ross Robotics is a UK-based company that specializes in the development and production of robotics systems for industrial inspection applications. The company's focus is on creating intelligent robotic systems that can operate in harsh environments and help improve safety, efficiency, and productivity in a variety of industries. Ross Robotics has extensive experience in working with clients in the oil and gas, renewable energy, aerospace, and nuclear sectors, among others.


Ross Robotics found themselves searching for a PDM system after GrabCAD announced its discontinuation of the workbench. In replacing workbench their main focus was looking for a tool that provides them ease of transition, and minimal disruptions, while also getting valuable features such as version control and file history. Since they had the luxury of time before Workbench’s shutdown, they were able to explore a vast array of PDM systems including Kenesto, Windchill, Arena, OpenBOM, Upchain, Teamcenter, and Solidworks' PDM solution.

The Decision To Choose Bild

After exploring several options, the team believed Bild was the ideal solution for their team. Bild’s robust system was great for small to medium-sized enterprises and enabled them to keep a lot of their similar workflows while also driving value through extra processes such as their 3D viewer, design review feature, and intuitive modern design. Bild was the clear choice in value-added and would grant them features such as version control, file history, and a check-in/check-out workflow to alleviate many existing problems with file conflicts and engineers mistakingly overriding each other's changes.

Ross Robotics' EXTRM MK4 HVDC Inspection robot

Since Implementing Bild

Within a couple of days, Ross Robotics completed the migration and onboarding process, and within two weeks, they had successfully rewritten their procedures and fully integrated Bild into their day-to-day workflows.

Since implementing Bild, the fast and reliable system has provided Ross Robotics with a safety net for managing complex changes, eliminating the need for manual change tracking and reducing mental stress while increasing overall efficiency. The team now enjoys seamless file check-in and check-out, efficient version management, and improved collaboration on CAD files. Additionally, they have leveraged the following features offered by Bild:

  1. Cloud Storage System: By utilizing Bild's centralized location for managing all their files and file history, Ross Robotics has streamlined their file management process, eliminating the need to search for files across multiple platforms.
  2. Check-In/Check-Out Workflow: Bild's check-in/check-out workflow has proven invaluable, as it resolves the issue of engineers simultaneously working on the same file—a limitation they experienced with GrabCAD. By enabling effective collaboration and preventing accidental overwrites, Bild's check-in/check-out and permission settings have significantly improved their daily operations. They no longer need to manually keep track of file changes or worry about unintentional modifications.
  3. Metadata: Ross Robotics discovered that Bild was one of the few PDM systems that offered the capability to write metadata into files. This became a significant value driver for choosing Bild as it allowed the team to envision and implement far-reaching automation that was not possible with other systems. Managing metadata alongside their automation efforts has saved time and energy, enhancing their overall efficiency.
  4. 3D Viewer: With Bild's 3D Viewer, the team at Ross Robotics can provide quick access to CAD files and dimensions for non-CAD users. This feature has proven beneficial when colleagues need to view CAD files rapidly without the need for specialized software, promoting cross-functional collaboration.
  5. Version Control: Bild's version control functionality has enabled the team to easily track changes and avoid version conflicts. This feature provides clarity on the latest versions of their files and ensures that everyone is working from the same page, enhancing collaboration and preventing mistakes or rework.


In conclusion, Ross Robotics successfully transitioned to Bild's PDM system, resulting in improved efficiency, reduced mental stress, and streamlined file management. The platform's fast and reliable system, along with its powerful features, has provided a safety net for managing complex changes and eliminated the manual tracking of modifications. By adopting Bild for collaboration and version control, Ross Robotics has significantly increased productivity and achieved greater job satisfaction among team members. Team members are now much happier to jump into complicated changes with that safety net underneath rather than having to manually keep track of things. Ross Robotics now manage 100% of their CAD files through Bild, saving approximately one day of work per week and experiencing a more straightforward and less stressful file management process.