ChrysaLabs Shift to a More Intuitive Cloud-Based Product Data Management Platform

Case Study
July 10, 2023

Meet Chrysa Labs

ChrysaLabs, a Montreal-based company specializing in the agricultural industry, is dedicated to developing innovative products that leverage advanced technology and hardware to enhance soil fertility. As the company expanded its operations, they faced challenges in finding a Product Data Management (PDM) system that could effectively support their team. This case study explores the challenges faced by ChrysaLabs and the solution they found with Bild, a user-friendly PDM system.

Their Challenge

ChrysaLabs was initially managing files on Google Drive but they realized they had a data management problem - their files were disorganized and finding the latest version of files was time-consuming and overwhelming, Google Drive was no longer a sufficient solution for their team. They then switched to 3DExperience but found it convoluted and not user-friendly. This resulted in long and time-consuming workflows and a steep learning curve, hindering the team's productivity. After using it for a short period, they decided to search for another solution that best fit their fast moving hardware processes. They needed a solution that was intuitive and flexible while still proving the features they needed to help with revision management and tracking of their files without slowing down their development process.

The Solution

After exploring various alternatives, ChrysaLabs discovered Bild as the most suitable PDM system for their needs. Bild stood out to them primarily because of its user-friendly interface and minimal disruptions. The team was pleased to discover that Bild had all the necessary features without the complexities found in other PDM systems making it an ideal choice for their team.

Since adopting Bild, ChrysaLabs has been efficiently managing their files and tracking revisions regularly, resulting in significant time savings and enhanced productivity.

The team estimates that they now save up to an hour per day, allowing them to focus on their core activities.

Furthermore, Bild's core workflows and additional features, such as design feedback, have streamlined the workflow, reducing the time required for tasks by half. Now ChrysaLabs benefits from an organized and centralized cloud-based file system, provided by Bild, that facilitates seamless collaboration among team members. This centralized system ensures that the latest version of files is easily accessible to everyone, eliminating confusion and promoting efficient collaboration.

Results and Benefits

By adopting Bild as their PDM system, ChrysaLabs has achieved several benefits:

  1. Time savings: With an estimated hour per day saved, the team can allocate more time to the development of innovative products.
  2. Enhanced productivity: The streamlined workflows and user-friendly interface of Bild have cut the time required for tasks by half, improving overall productivity.
  3. Efficient revision management: ChrysaLabs now effectively manages file revisions, eliminating confusion and ensuring that the latest versions are readily available.
  4. Seamless collaboration: The centralized cloud-based file system provided by Bild enables seamless collaboration among team members, facilitating efficient teamwork.


ChrysaLabs successfully addressed their data management challenges by adopting Bild as their PDM system. The intuitive and flexible nature of Bild, along with its user-friendly interface, allowed ChrysaLabs to streamline their workflows and improve productivity. With significant time savings and efficient revision management, ChrysaLabs can now focus on their mission of developing innovative products to enhance soil fertility in the agricultural industry.