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Interactive Communication

PDM, PLM, cloud storage, and project management all in one platform

Managing information across platforms makes referencing data difficult and never gives you the full picture in one page. In Bild, you get all design related information directly at your fingertips, enabling faster and more confident decision making.
  • Multi-source project integrations
  • Intuitive and out-of-the-box experiences
  • Web-based access
Move Fast. Like Real Fast

Why are teams saying goodbye to traditional PDMs and PLMs?

Traditional systems have a large learning curve, expensive setup costs, and are built for on premise deployment (not cloud). Most teams today are looking for an intuitive, yet powerful, system where they can manage data and information all on the cloud. Accesss needs to be available anytime, anywhere.
  • Messy, expensive, and long term contracts
    Other solutions require you to talk to a VAR or work directly with a sales team, to finally see a 30-page sales deck and have a long onboarding processes. Those products cost $50,000 to $500,000 per year, with up to 3 year contracts. Bild starts at a fraction of the cost, with a substantially lower total cost of ownership.
  • Long and miserable data migration processes
    Negotiating expensive contracts is just the beginning with traditional PDMs and PLMs. So much time is spent moving data from existing storage solutions, leading to headaches and wasted time. With Bild, migrate data with one-step integrationsā€”it takes minutes!

Unorganized Documentation

"Which folder is the file in?"
"Where is the team's feedback?"


Centralized Data Management

One platform for all design related data, grouped by projects so you can find the right information the first time, every single time.


"I can't view the model"
"I need to load the model into SolidWorks to make sure"

"We need to purchase another viewer license"



All internal and external stakeholders can instantly view designs on the web without a license to CAD software.

Disconnected Processes

"I'm not sure why we made the change, but IĀ can ask around"
"Did we resolve all open concerns in this revision?"


Streamlined Workflows

Go from design, to review, to production all in one platform. Create tasks, assign ownership, and track deadlines that all link to design files.

Maintenance, Updates, and Implementation Costs

"We need to reboot our PDM system for updates"
"Where is IT to solve system crashes?"


Simple Cloud Based Services

Never have to worry about system updates or yearly maintenance again. Bild's cloud PDM requires no-to-low ITĀ involvement, stays up to date, and can be deployed in minutes!

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