Built For All Product Teams

Synchronize designs across the system in one platform. Be able to understand where other product teams are in their design and ensure you're designs fit the system requirements. More importantly, Bild empowers collaboration between mechanical and electrical teams without hefty CAD/ECAD license.

Make sure your BOM, schematic, and layout are all being reviewed with the latest version of each designs. Often times, these design files have independent iteration cycles, but only together do they make the final board design. Remove the risk of stuffing the right bare board with wrong components, or other common faulty builds, with Bild.

Code lives on git repositories, but the rest of the product are on distributed local systems? With Bild, all hardware design files are stored on Bild git repositories. Now you'll be able to ensure your code still works with the latest board, and if there's any changes that would effect your code, get notified right away.

Introducing Git Versioning for Hardware

Software teams wouldn't dare start a project without setting up a git repo to keep track of changes. Yet hardware companies are ready to move along without basic processes that end up costing them an arm and a leg.

  • Visual Diffs
  • Time Stamped Checkins
  • Integrates With Software Teams
  • Immutable History