What's new in Bild

July 2nd Update


File Viewer
  • Saved view frame when feedback items are created in an exploded view
  • Editable feedback items

  • File Upload
  • Added support for .PRT and .ASM files

  • June 16th Update


    Slack Integration

    An easy way to stay up to date on project activity! Keep you with new feedback items, comments, and checkins.

    To enable the Slack integration, navigate into a product, then go to Settings >> Add to Slack.


    Bug Fixes

    External Collaborators
  • When a vendor adds a feedback item, we use the vendor email as the feedback item creator name instead of the vendor group name.
  • June 2nd Update


    Share Tab
  • Added a button so users can resend a invite to a vendor group

  • May 18th Update


  • Enable DXF format

  • Bug Fixes

  • Took out scrollbars on some windows screens

  • User not receiving an email update when mentioned in new annotation

  • User cannot reply to feedback item

  • Feedback description isn't showing the mentioned name
  • May 11th Update


    Enable CAD File format STL

    Download Data Feature

    Added a "Download Project" button in the approvals screen after the project has been released. In addition to the files being downloaded in a zip file, an excel sheet will contains a list of all the feedback items in the project (feedback title, description, risk level, visibility, time created, who created, and comments).

    Added a 'X' to easily close out the annotation popups

    April 28th Update


    Tagging Feature

    An easy way to tag users in the title, description, or when commenting on feedback items


    Email Notifications

    Receive email notifications when new projects and checkins are created as well as when you are tagged in feedback items

    Email Notifications

    Bug Fixes

  • Gerber not centered on first render when coming back from approvals page

  • Signing up isn't auto logging the user

  • Released project is saying 'Close and Release' on Manage Approvals page

  • Annotations not being added on first click (Gerber)

  • Annotation circle showing as 'selected' on feedback list deselect
  • April 14th Update


    New File Upload Flow

    An intelligent way to auto-group files into categories and added support for new file types

    Kanban Board View

    An easy way to manage different states of a project and help get cross-functional teams on the same page

    Kanban View


  • Ability to delete vendors

  • Ability to sort feedback. Feedback filters are different for the vendors and users

  • Users can view approval comments in the manage approvals screen
  • Still have questions?

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