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Eligible startups and small teams get unlimited file storage and discounted PDM licenses to manage complicated designs and files more efficiently

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Let’s help you focus more on engineering and less on document management

Our goal is to deliver startups and small teams the benefits that the most successful hardware companies get from robust data management systems, without price or implementation barriers.

Our program allows teams to most efficiently manage designs and design-related files through an integrated cloud storage, PDM, and project management platform.

"But we’re just fine with our current tools for now... so why should I care?"

Your team is likely using Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, or Box as a primary repository for designs and design-related files. You’re also probably exchanging notes through email, Slack, a bunch of screenshots, slide decks, and hey - it’s probably all working just ok for the team today.

But this just ok process is not the process that is going to enable you to grow effectively. Hardware teams will run into version control issues (”am I looking at the latest model”), concurrent design change frictions (”I’m working on the model and need to inform the rest of the team not to change anything”), and slow information retrieval (”where are the latest design specs”). When your team grows, these problems become evident and most teams will implement a PDM system. The price tag and implementation time ends up through a wrench in development plans and ends up causing teams to slow down. So let’s get you the benefits without the hassle. With Bild’s intuitive and affordable cloud PDM, startups are able to develop hardware even faster with more confidence. No need to worry about setup time, costs, or learning curves. Get back your time and reduce risk with Bild’s cloud PDM today.

Move Fast. Like Real Fast

Here’s what teams get

  • 5 designer licenses for engineers to sync designs from CAD tools to cloud PDM
  • Unlimited cloud storage to host designs, data, and design-related information
  • Get 25% off plans ongoing
* free until startups grow out of the eligibility requirements
Sharing with external collaborators has never been easier and more secure

Eligibility requirements

  • Up to $5M in funding and less than 3 years old
  • Less than 10 full-time employees
  • Must be a new customer