Power your review with one tool that does it all

Asynchronous reviews give back time to engineers, reduce meetings, and enable faster iterative design cycles. Learn how to run one with Bild!

Connect your designs

  • Connect your repositories with Bild's 20+ native integrations
  • Sync MCAD and ECAD designs in less than 5 minutes!

Share and review

  • Add anyone who needs visibility on the design (internal or external)
  • Give and receive feedback through comments or drawings directly on top of designs
  • Discuss, ask questions, keep everyone in the loop
Unlimited free viewer access
No screenshots

Manage and iterate

  • Iterate asynchronously
  • Track changes with with visual diffs, project history, and version control
  • Update issue status


  • Check progress and monitor deadlines
  • Align and remind stakeholders at any point
  • Set clear approval statuses and comments

Package and release

  • Finalize your project designs
  • Release to manufacturers or PLM systems

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