AMD Performance Issues with Windows 11

AMD Performance Issues with Windows 11

With every windows update, there is always an issue. Windows 11 release is no different. Customers that have AMD processors will experience a performance drop of up to 15%. AMD is working on a driver update for October, but the release has not been scheduled yet.

The good news is that only certain applications are affected. AMD has failed to provide details on which ones, but tests run by independent reviews have seen performance reduction in gaming. Digital trends quote "Certain applications show up to a 5% reduction in performance, while games commonly used for esports can show as much as a 15% downgrade. AMD also said that limited thread applications that stress a single core may exhibit reduced performance.”

Reviewers have stated the problem is due to two factors:

Level 3 Cache Latency

Level 3 (L3) Cache Latency causes hang-ups to applications that rely on the CPU memory subsystem. This means that data coming from the RAM into your CPU gets stuck in the L3 cache feeds.

AMD's preferred core for limited threaded applications

AMD processors push the fastest core to the front of the pile in limited threaded applications, helping boost performance by utilizing the fastest core available. On Windows 11, it seems the scheduler will not place tasks on this core, leading to a decrease in performance.

The performance issue applies to AMD Ryzen 2000, Ryzen 3000, Ryzen 5000, Threadripper 2000, and Threadripper 3000. The full list can be found on Microsoft’s website.

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