Manage designs with custom part numbering

Create or import a customer part numbering schema to facilitate product data management across systems and with vendors


Customize your part numbering, versioning, and revisioning schema across your designs

Always Unique

Instill confidence in sourcing through Bild's always unique part number generator

Quick Generation

Generate new part numbers through updated part attributes or update the existing part number
Move Fast. Like Real Fast

Customizable schema based on unique design attributes

Setup your schema to generate the appropriate part number driven by user-defined attributes
Move Fast. Like Real Fast

No more manual spreadsheet management

Remove the need to manage part numbers through a spreadsheet. Bild's customizable part numbering schema ensures no duplicate part numbers are generated and is fully associated with assets in Bild's PDM
Sharing with external collaborators has never been easier and more secure

Generate part numbers in a second

Need to generate a new part number for a design? Leverage Bild's part information feature to generate a new part number instantly
Move Fast. Like Real Fast

Custom version and revision schema

Customize your version and reversion schema with alpha, integer, decimal, or a combination. Bild's schema is flexible to ensure the perfect solution for all teams

Security at the heart of it.

Protecting your data is our top priority.

Vendor Access Control

Securely share your designs with vendors. Enable external members to view, download, upload designs.

SSO and On-Prem

Ensure your account is safe with custom integrations to your enterprise's infrastructure.

Daily Encrypted Backups

Worried about an accidental deletion of design files? Keep an encrypted backup on the cloud.

Role Based Access Controls

Enable different user permissions and visibility for members across your organization.

Multi-factor Authentication

Require your team and vendors to go through a two-step method for authentication.

256-bit Encryption

Design files, feedback, comments, approvals. Encrypted in-transit and at rest, so no data can be leaked.

Supports all your favorite design systems

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