The Features That Make It All Possible

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Core features that make us
top notch

File Viewer

Interactive File Viewer

Leverage our web-based file viewer to understand design considerations and make more informed decisions faster.


Approval Management

Enable cross-functional stakeholders to provide feedback and approvals on designs before releasing them, reducing mistakes due to oversight.



Communicate and collaborate on feedback directly on designs rather than sending screenshots and text over emails.


Kanban View

Manage your projects and product statuses with Bild’s Kanban board, built specifically for hardware designs.

Version Control

Version Control

Gain deeper understandings around design changes with versioned feedback that’s tied to specific revisions of designs.


Seamless Sharing

Add team members and vendors to designs while managing permissions and access to individual projects.

Integrations Into Your Current Workflows

Seamless integrations into your tools, so you can have more effecient engagements

Toggle Between Mechanical, Electrical Files and Much More

Leverage Bild's infinitely versatile platform and interact with PDFs, Gerbers, CAD, DXF, and ODB++ files communications across cross-functional teams.

View, Markup and Provide Feedback

Interact with your designs and provide feedback at a specific location in your designs. Continue conversations and manage feedback statuses in one place.

Collect and Manage Approvals

Seamlessly request for approvals when design files are ready for production.