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Creating Products and Projects

Navigate to the home screen and click on "Create New Product". Under "Enter Your Product Details, enter in your product's name, number (optional), version number (optional), and product description.
After creating a product, you will be prompted to add users to the product using their email. Click on "Add User" for each email you enter, and send out the invites by clicking on "Done". The invited users will receive an email to accept the invite. If the user does not have a Bild account yet, they will receive an email to sign up for Bild as well.
After creating a product, click on "Create New Project" and enter your project name, project number (optional), version number (optional), and project description.
After creating a project, you will have the option to add design files to the project. You can drag and drop or select multiple files you want to upload at once. Bild auto categorizes the file types for you. Once you fill in all the required information, you will be able to click on the "Add File" button. Add as many files as you want and click on "Save Changes" to upload all the files.
  • PDF (.PDF files)
  • Gerber (.GXX and .DRL files)
  • Excel (.XLSX and .XLS files)
  • 3D CAD (.STP, .STEP, .DWG, .RVT, .F3D, .3DM, .3DS, .SLDPRT, and .SLDASM files are supported)
  • Image (.JPG and .PNG files)
  • Powerpoint (.PPT files)
  • Other (All other file types are saved, but will not be rendered)
  • On the mechanical side, we support files from Autodesk, SolidWorks, Fusion360, Creo.
  • On the electrical side, we support files from Cadence, and Altium. We are adding support for KiCAD.
  • You can navigate to the "About" tab and click on "Edit" to change the project name, project number, version number, description, or status of the project.
    Yes, you can either view projects in tile view or switch to a Kanban view by clicking on the three verical line icon to the right of the project dashboard. Bild defaults the Kanban view states to be "Design", "In Review", and "Released". You can drag the projects into different verticals and can add, remove, and rename the board tiles. The status of the project on Kanban view does not affect the status of the actual project.


    For example, you can have a housing project with CAD files, a packaging project, a custom board electronics project with schematics, PCB layout, BOM, and assembly files. This is totally up to your discretion as you can add as many projects as you want and as many files as you want under each project.

    Commenting and Feedback

    Add a comment by clicking on the annotation toggle icon, located at the right end of the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. For CAD files, layout files, and schematic files, you can directly add a comment on top of the file. This comment will be associated with the particular file without the project. It is important to note that the comment does not change the underlying file itself.
  • Title
  • Description
  • Risk Level (Low, Medium, and High)
  • Visibility (All, Internal Only)
  • Add Attachment (optional)

  • For BOMs, you can add a comment by clicking on "+ Add New Feedback" located in the right panel. You can specify the same fields with the addition of an option of an associated row and column.
    After a comment is added to a file, you can view the comment by clicking on the dot on the file or by clicking on the feedback item in the right panel (this will take you to the specific file and revision where the comment was created). Bild captures the environment where the comment creator was in, so when anyone views the comment, they see it exactly how the comment creator saw it.
    After clicking on a feedback item, you have the option to reply, mark closed, or delete the comment.
    You can see an issue based list on the right with the risk level, status, and creator.

    Specific File Viewers

    We leverage Autodesk's infrastructure, which enables features such as section analysis, panning, rotations, measuring, exploding, zoom, panning, and orbiting. These options can be found in the toolbar at the bottom of the viewer.
    In addition to adding comments, you can also pan, zoom in, zoom out, full screen, and flip the layout with the help of the bottom toolbar. On the left, you have options to show and hide specific layers, such as the copper, silkscreen, soldermask etc.
    To customize the layout file viewer, click on "Gerber Setting". This will take you to a page where you can customize the type, side, and color of each individual Gerber layer.
    Similar to a native Excel file, you can zoom in and out, and search for specific strings.
    You can zoom in and out, flip through pages, rotate, and pan around the PDF.

    File Viewer

    Navigate back to the "Files" tab and click on "Update File(s)" for the type of file you want to update. You have the option to create a new file number and revision number for the new file(s). Once you upload the new files, press "Submit" and "Save Changes". You are then asked to add a checkin number.
    The checkin number will change and you can navigate the checkin dropdown menu to see previous checkins and the files associated. After the new files are uploaded, the file number and revision number that you specified are reflected under the file name.
    There are three ways to do so. First, you can manually change the checkin you are viewing by clicking on one in the dropdown menu. Second, if you are viewing an older checkin, Bild will present you an option to switch to the current checkin files. Third, you can click on feedback items in the right panel, which will take you to the exact checkin and file that the comment originated from.

    Release Management

    Since everyone can see the latest version of the files, it is very easy to get approvals, release the project, and package the files to manufacturers.
    To get started, click on the "Start Approval Process" button in the top right of the file viewer.
    If you are an administrator of a project, you can choose which project members you can send specific files for approval. Only the latest versions of each file are available for approvals. You can also set an approve by date. Once you click "Send for Approvals", an email and notification will be sent to the requested approvers.
    Once you are tasked with approving files for release, the word "Requested" will appear next to the file in the file viewer. If you are in the latest checkin, you will be able to see who requested the review. After you click on "Make Decision", you can see the file name, file number, revision number, and the name of the review requester. You can provide comments and either request for more changes or approve.
    If you have an ongoing approval, click on "Manage Approvals" in the file viewer to view the progress. Once the approvals have been complete, you can click on "Close and Release Project".
    The project will be marked as released. Project members cannot upload new files and cannot add new comments. This is hence the unchangeable single source of truth. You will be able to download your files along with the associated feedback items.

    External Collaboration

    To add collaborators, navigate to the Share tab under a project. Click on "Add Group" and name the vendor as well as enter the email of each member of the external team. Click on "Add Member" to add each individual person. After you add all the collaborators, click on "Add Group". The collaborators will receive an email with the invite.
    Yes, you can allow collaborators to download and/or upload design files. Often times, companies don't need to send the collaborators the entire source file. Now collaborators can render the design on our web based viewer anywhere in the world.
    Depending on the permissions you provide them, the collaborator can download or upload design files to your project for your team to view. The collaborator will be able to view all the design files you have in the project and perform the same tasks that you can. One difference is that if someone on your team designates a comment on a design file as "Internal Only", the collaborator will not be able to see the comment.
    Navigate to the "Share" tab under a project. Click on "Edit", and you will have the option to remove one or multiple collaborators, or the entire group of collaborators.

    Still have questions?

    If you have a question about something that isn't covered here, you can send us a note below.